[Electronica] Himalia – Ghosts EP

Anxiety grips us all at some point, and we’re lucky enough to have an endless stream of music to help ease our worries. Searching for a calm haven can be difficult, but the gentle atmosphere of Himalia‘s newest project, Ghosts, manufactures a universe inundated with brooding, yet soothing components that tenderly circulate¬†throughout your consciousness.

Layer after layer of reverb soaked synths cascade across each track, beckoning for something intangible. There’s a delicate gravity within every instrumental that shatters the hectic world around you as listen, and, as everything begins to slow down, a feeling of ease permeates your mind. It’s here that Himalia excels. With time essentially frozen, the music is its own entity. Ghosts is sixteen minutes of authentic bliss, and luckily for us, the EP is a free download. Close your eyes and find your peace of mind in an incessantly shifting world with Himalia’s newest effort right now. We all need a break, so get a perfect start with the ethereal tunes below.

’Deep Breath, Start Again.’
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