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[Folk] Lucy Rose – Bikes (Official Video)

Not only is the music video for “Bikes” hilarious, but the track itself is truly great. If you’ve ever heard Lucy Rose before, you know that her voice is simply scrumptious. A bit of a resemblance to Daughter, the English singer-songwriter has a true talent for making her listeners pay attention to the sweet little moments in her delicate voice. Watch this insanely well-made video and prepare to fall in love with Rose.

Lucy Rose has a new album coming out on September 24th called Like I Used To. Until then you can keep the video and stream on repeat! You can also find more of her music here.

’Lucy Rose – Bikes’
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[Indie] The Moondoggies – What Took So Long

Question is, what took us so damn long to find this piece of gold? Meet The Moondoggies. Comprised of four very humble guys making music since 2008, this band will make you sway your hips like there is no tomorrow. When the track first starts off, you feel like you’re in New Orleans walking down a street of hanging street lights and bars filled with drunken voices. Lead singer Kevin Murphy makes it sound so darn easy and no matter where you are in your life, you’re able to connect to this lyrics. And just wait until the end, when he starts singing in his lazy, but sexy voice, “No I would, no I would, no I would”. Ladies, you know what I’m talking about. Too good.

The Moondoggies are currently on a Northwestern tour, and their latest album, Tidelands, is out now via Hardly Art.

’The Moondoggies – What Took So Long’
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[Indie] Freelance Whales – Locked Out

For those Freelance Whales fans out there: Do you remember “Ghosting” and “Location”? Do you remember turning it up in the winter while drinking hot cocoa? I do. Ever since Weathervanes was released in 2009, Freelance Whales has remained one of my favorite bands. With their perfect imperfections at the beginnings of their songs, along with the sweet little whispers and crackles, these guys have made it to the top. Now they’ve just released a new single called “Locked Out, off their forthcoming sophomore album Diluvia. The band’s signature sound is still there, though this track definitely brings something fresh and interesting to the table. “Locked Out” features tons of string instruments and intricate moments of pure magic. I’m insanely curious to see what their album will be like. Diluvia drops October 9 via Mom + Pop/Frenchkiss Records.

’Freelance Whales – Locked Out’
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[Indie Electronica] Mausi – Sol.

Meet happiness. Meet absolute joy. Meet Mausi. Comprised of siblings Daisy and Thomas Finetto from Newcastle, this duo’s song ought to put a gigantic smile on your tanned faces. “Sol” is like a really delicious ice cream sundae: it starts off with a serious contagious beat, is drizzled with a little bit of electronic goodness, and is topped with Daisy’s vocals that will drive you crazy. The good kind of crazy. Though they have only released a few tracks so far, they are tracks that will no doubt make the top of your summer playlist. Mausi will soon put out an EP, so I’m keeping an eye on these guys and so should you. Now listen to this and feel your body fill with summer gold.

’Mausi – Sol.’
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[Indie] Yuna – Live Your Life (Dorsh Remix)

If you haven’t heard Yuna’s original version of “Live Your Life” then you should do that now. Right now. That way when you listen to this remix you can appreciate how absolutely beautiful and heavenly it is. Yuna, a super young and talented Malaysian singer-songwriter is signed with record label FADER who begged her to come to the US and you’ll understand why when listening to this. Not only is her voice smooth as butter but the words are as simple as “Don’t hide from what you are, live if you really want to”. Dorsh who’s been dropping great beats like this left and right, turn this chill Sunday morning tune into a dance-your-indie-ass-off melody. Yuna’s new album is out now. Go grab it!

’Yuna – Live Your Life (Dorsh Remix) (Bonus)’


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[Indie] The Lovely Sparrows – While Sailing

First off, if you don’t already listen to The Lovely Sparrows on a regular basis then you are missing out. Their sound is something different, but a really really good different. Founded in 2005 by Shawn Jones and longtime friend Jason Cooper, Lovely Sparrows walks a fine line between experimental and indie rock. While Sailing starts off fuzzy and unrecognizable but soon you can make out faint voices that have a nostalgic and warm feeling. Four minutes of this song and you will feel relaxed after a long day of work. The Lovely Sparrows are on tour in Texas this summer so if you’re around, grab a ticket and enjoy the show. But first, listen to this with a cold glass of coke and enjoy the little imperfections that make this song perfect.

’The Lovely Sparrows – While Sailing’


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[Folk] Miners – Hey Love

Everyone, this song will make you happy. I absolutely guarantee it. I went from moping around in my house to dancing around because the vocals in this track graced me with absolute joy. Although “Hey Love” starts off slowly and mysteriously, it soon transforms itself into something larger than anything. With vocals from Justin Miner and his friends and family, this song was recorded in a small bedroom in Silver Lake. As soon as you press play, sun beams start pouring into your window and illuminate your dusty window sills and the empty coffee mug sitting on your dining table. With a sound familiar to Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, Miner hits the nail on the head when it comes to becoming an essential stomp-your-feet-on-the-ground anthem. I’m begging you. Check these guys out. Stay tuned for their upcoming tour this fall, and listen to their other tracks on their Soundcloud. 

’Miners – Hey Love’
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