Power up the synths, switch on the echo, dump the guitars, and insert Chidera “Chiddy” Anamege to spit red hot fire. This is not one of those “slightly sped up remixes”–Chiddy Bang‘s recent redo of The Naked & Famous‘ already tight “Young Blood” retains the lyrics and the tune, but is less anthem and more dance party.

The Naked & Famous – Young Blood (Chiddy Bang Remix)

’The Naked & Famous – Young Blood (Chiddy Bang Remix)’

As TN&F hail from New Zealand, it’s no surprise that a bit of Kiwi influence crept into Chiddy Bang’s ears while on tour earlier this month in Australia. Fortunately for us, the result is a big-speaker worthy track. Sounding like a conference call between MGMT, Passion Pit and a rhyme machine, this jam is worth “accidentally” blasting through the office at 5pm on Friday.

“Young Blood (Remix)” was recently released as a pre-hype track for Chiddy Bang’s new EP “The Preview” from EMI that hit the US on October 12. Just in case you missed it earlier this summer, be sure to check out TN&F’s original version below off their September release “Passive Me, Aggressive You” from Somewhat Damaged.

Original: The Naked & Famous – Young Blood


It’s rare that a track about breaking up can sound so fun, but in “Bad Day” Chiddy Bang keep the emotional heavy lifting light enough to let you dance. With enough of a beat and bright synths to keep us swaying and not crying, Chiddy Bang twists the classic “I hate my ex” track into something way more reasonable.

Awk-rockers Darwin Deez (of “Radar Detector” fame) roll out the catchy chorus and launch some hate at the ex with lines like, “Well, I hope you get locked out of that apartment…and have to call Jenny.” Pretty good burn, Darwin.

This track is worth a few listens as it comes out a bit awkward at first, but after a couple plays “Bad Day” will definitely find a place in your head to get stuck.

Chiddy Bang – Bad Day (Feat. Darwin Deez)

’Chiddy Bang – Bad Day (Feat. Darwin Deez)’

Originally a track from Darwin Deez, “Bad Day” gets a tight makeover by Chiddy Bang’s Xaphoon Jones and Philly-based buddy Theodore Grams. The adaptation serves as a fine single on Chiddy Bang’s new October 12 release “The Preview” from EMI.

Here’s the problem, music blogs post a ton of Chiddy Bang tracks, and the only solution is for the duo to stop putting out such good music. Unfortunately, I don’t see that happening any time soon.

Bonus: Darwin Deez – Up In The Clouds (Jake Bullit Remix)

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