Emily Underhill
Ghosts (Sebastian Carter Remix)

19 year-old Swiss electronic producer Sebastian Carter received the always awesome TMN distinction of taking our ears hostage this morning, as he has authored up a beautiful remix of Emily Underhill’s stirring, but previously minimal single “Ghosts”. Sebastian Carter hijacks Underhill’s powerful and emotive feminine vocal track and splices it with a pacifying downtempo chord progression which pays tribute to pure house while keeping intact its intimate, chilled out ambiance. Everything we’ve plucked out of Sebastian Carter’s back catalog thus far have been satiating slices of a melodic-house pie, so be sure to check out more of his originals if this one warrants your undivided listening attention, as it did ours. Snag a free digital copy, for the small exchange rate of one Facebook “like” here as well and stream Carter’s remix of “Ghosts” above.

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