Meet the Los Angeles based chillwave/electro-pop outfit Airlines (fashioned as ΔIRLINΞS). Their debut EP—Visions—came out freely on Bandcamp at the beginning of February, and is quite possibly some of the finest additions to the chillwave scene I’ve seen in quite a while. What starts as an homage to the wide soundscapes of 80s synth-pop, EP opener “Burial Grounds” quickly becomes a fantastic bit of electro chillwave. The synth-pads come on pretty strong at first, but they develop into a controlled and downright delightful arrangement throughout the entirety of the track.

While the 80s beats and synths never quite leave “Burial Ground,” they help to cement the track in an ethereal wave of relaxation and nostalgia. It’s some fine chillwave, and a great track for a sunny weekend.

Airlines – Burial Ground

’Burial Ground’
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