This is a moment a talent breaks free of the GarageBand shackles and becomes an artiste. Dallas, TX native Conner Youngblood is a dynamic character, initially inviting but with an underlying breadth of influences that anyone would be proud of.

At 20 years old, the style in which he mixes numerous genres is impressive, even if his recent S/T album represents the sound of someone finding their feet. “Monsters” announces a new phase, mixing the ethereal with the arresting; for those who want the best of both worlds, Youngblood treats you to bluegrass fingerpicking and a similarly mind-boggling bassline. Bluestep? Dubgrass? .. If you will.

Disregarding a hilarious iTunes blooper (“Youngblood served in the Army for some time, and returned to Harlem in 1963”), there is very little to stop the boy on his ascension to indie stardom. He’s already got the bloggers on the side, next, the charts?

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