It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Conner Youngblood, the talented young musician who seemingly disappeared into the shadows following the release of his debut album earlier this year. Thankfully, he’s back, and has announced plans for a second album via the release of the debut single “Proportions.” The album, titled Sketches pt. 2, is set for release later this year — but beyond that we don’t know much more. What we do know is that if this single translates in any way to the overall feel of the upcoming album, it could end up being one of the best albums of the year from an up and comer.


“Proportions” is the first of a slew of singles that will be released throughout the year, and takes a more minimal approach than what we’re used to from Conner Youngblood. It’s soothing, ambient tone is simple and refreshing, and while it certainly maintains the airy feel we’ve come to love in Conner’s music — it also hints at something a bit different from him for the future.

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