Vinyl Villain, or V/V as they are largely tracked through the blogoshpheres, maintains as a project shrouded in much mystery, leaving only a catchy, but haunting brand of electronic leaning dream-pop to speak for them. When their latest collection of tunes, dubbed Pretty Evil, graced our in-house monitors there was a collective air of beauty suddenly infused into our souls, while a shot of reverb tinged vocals and minimal-pop slunked its way down our gullets simultaneously. V/V manage to pull from their listeners a smorgasbord of emotions while coming across as equal parts Lana Del Ray, Deerhoof and pure pop prowess. As their first body of work, Pretty Evil no doubt will latch onto many indie purists and more blogs alike while lifting their veil to a slew of music publications as well. As an even greater treat to our Ninjas, Pretty Evil was released as a free download, so please don’t miss your chance to be one of the first to sport it on your iPhone.

’V/V – Lights’
’V/V – Amsterdam’
’V/V – Cufflinks’
’V/V – Champagne’
’V/V – Done’
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