Berlin-based electronic artist Apparat has been known to take you on a journey through each individual track. It’s through this skill and delicate touch in music that he created last year’s fantastic “Sayulita,” off his DJ-Kicks album. No stranger to extravagant crescendos and brilliant arrangements, Apparat created a new journey that he wants to share with all of you, and it’s called “Ash/Black Veil.”

The track hits you immediately with its looped strumming and delicate piano, but quickly evolves a good drumbeat and ghostly vocals. The track goes from a walk into a run, but much like Foals‘ slow-burner “Spanish Sahara,” as the track progresses, it hits a number of crescendos that practically lets it fly. It’s a gorgeous—possibly even epic—journey, “Ash/Black Veil,” and I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

Apparat – Ash/Black Veil

’Ash/Black Veil’

[via dailybeatz]

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