There are so many things I like about this band and their sophomore effort, Cool Nightmare, that I’m not sure where to begin.

Maybe I could begin with the band’s incredible use of nostalgia. Maybe I could begin with their ability to tap into R and B, ambient, Blues, 1930’s ballads, folk, indie rock, salsa, cha-cha! Maybe I could begin with the brilliance of using an old, out of tune piano as the spiritual bedrock of their album Cool Nightmare.

Maybe I could stop gushing already and write the damn review!

The entire album moves seamlessly from one song to the next, creating an entire listening experience not unlike a concept album. “Hide From the Night” introduces the listener to an interesting interpretation of an early 60’s song, adding a sonic guitar mini solo at the climax for a modern spin: an almost acid rock touch on The Mamas and the Papas. The next track, “Find It of Use,” provides the listener with a ballad that is interrupted seamlessly by a slowed down, latin—wait, is that a cha-cha-cha?!—beat before reverting back to a ballad. “This Heart of Mine,” provides the listener with a similar experience, adding a slowly drawn violin to the mix.

The entire album is a fascinating and joyful trip back in time by skilled and thoughtful musicians. This is an effort for and by music lovers, with a variety of different instruments, sounds, melodies and emotions that create an experience complex enough for a music buff to enjoy and accessible enough for the casual listener.

Radiation City scored a big win with this one! Enjoy!

’Hide From The Night’
’Find It of Use’
’Heart of Mine’
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