Dexter Tortoriello, AKA the producer behind chillwave sensation Houses, has taken a new direction with his latest project Dawn Golden and Rosy Cross. With a more drone metal and house-influenced sound, he creates doom-laden dancefloor-destroyers that hypnotise the listener with their heavy beats and incessant synth. Imagine Dawn Golden and Rosy Cross as a more electro version of Salem: his songs (such as ‘Blacks’, one of the best songs on the ‘Blow EP’) pulsate into your eardrums and pull at your heart with much the same intensity as the ‘witch house’ pioneers. Like most drag house artists, Dexter’s work is a bedroom project, and the lo-fi recordings on ‘Blow’ are packed with an inherent sadness that makes them so appealing. Dexter Tortoriello has the talent and power in his music to push Dawn Golden and Rosy Cross into the musical stratosphere. Watch this space.‘Blacks’ is available to download from The ‘Blow’ EP is released on Mad Decent Records on April 12.

 [via Mad Decent]

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