Brooklyn’s folk rock duo Bird Courage formed after its two members, Erik Meier and Samuel Saffery, competed for busking spots inside various New York City subway stations. For them, it’s an interesting way to meet, even more peculiar way to start a band. But thankfully they did because the music they’ve created together on A Promising Flee is precious and delicate, moving and passionate. Each song is a pleading ode, a woeful cry, full of intricate acoustic guitar work and vocal harmonies so beautiful and gentle they seem to float away like big, airy clouds. If you like Fleet Foxes, you will love Bird Courage.

Below is a track from the EP called “Wind and Oak.” You can stream and purchase all of A Promising Flee on the band’s Bandcamp page. I happened to see Meier just the other night, playing on a subway platform, his voice so distinct. He mentioned that they’ll be putting out some new music, so keep an eye out and support them, ninjas!

’Wind and Oak’
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