Though there have been a number of takes of “State Hospital” floating around online this year, Frightened Rabbit have finally revealed the official studio version. In the same vein as many of the Scottish band’s past releases, it is a powerfully emotional, folk-rock anthem. Although it starts off modestly, the song quickly picks up its momentum, with singer Scott Hutchison‘s distinct, pained vocals leading the way. The best moment is right around the bridge, when the music softens to just a faint trickling piano, only to build up to an intense and poignant storm of an ending. By that point, we’re already swept out to sea, joining the band in its chants of “All is not lost! All is not looost!”

“State Hospital” is off the forthcoming EP of the same name, scheduled to drop on September 25th via Canvasback/Atlantic Records, with Frightened Rabbit’s fourth full-length expected to come out in 2013.

’State Hospital’
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