As a music fan, it’s important not only to hunger for new artists and songs, but to also appreciate the classics because let’s face it: without people like the Beach Boys, Janis Joplin or Bob Dylan, what would rock sound like today? I actually wouldn’t want to know. This year, legendary rock band Fleetwood Mac celebrate the 35th anniversary of the release of their hit album Rumours. To pay tribute to that record and the longstanding influence of that band, a number of modern day acts such as Yeasayer, Liars and Julia Holter have come together to put out a covers album called Rumours Revisited.

Today, I wanted to spotlight one of its tracks done by English folk trio The Staves. Their rendition of “Songbird” is simply lovely and enchanting, one to unwind to and one that certainly does its original justice. Check it out below and grab a free download:

’The Staves
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