If you love indie with just the right amount of pop, then Air Review could be your new favourite band. The five-piece, who hail from Texas, specialise in making music with instantly addictive hooks that put major label songwriters to shame, as shown with earlier track ‘America’s Son’. Take ‘Low Wishes’, for example. Like a revamped and energetic version of Chairlift’s ‘Bruises’, ‘Low Wishes’ has the perfect combination of yearning and optimism that makes it such an enthralling song. The ‘oh-oh-oh’s make this track utterly infectious, and is guaranteed to put a ridiculously happy grin on even the stoniest-hearted person’s face. ‘Low Wishes’ demands constant listening, and most certainly deserves it. 

Air Review – Low Wishes


Air Review – Waiting Lessons.mp3

’Air Review – Waiting Lessons.mp3′
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