The serious looking fellows you see above are Cold Cave, an electro rock/pop quartet from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The group’s debut album Love Comes Close came out two years ago to generally warm reviews, a single that was featured in a number of television ads, and quite the following. While the debut album focused mostly on the electro-pop side of the quartet, based on leading single “The Great Pan is Dead” off of their new album, Cherish the Light Years, it looks like they are placing a greater emphasis on the rock side of the quartet

The track immediately starts out with a heavier amount of instruments and a strong drum line, and—start to finish—never quite lets down from this more heavy approach. The vocals in “The Great Pan is Dead” are somewhere between the intensity of The Bravery’s Sam Endicott and the strong baritone of Joy Division‘s Ian Curtis. The brass section that makes appearances after every chorus is vaguely reminiscent of The National’s in that they are extremely skillfully arranged to produce a fantastic effect. After this track, I find myself calling them a heavier, quicker, and electro version of The National, and that certainly can’t be a bad thing.

Their sophomore album, Cherish the Light Years, is being released by Matador Records on April 5th.

Cold Cave – The Great Pan is Dead

’The Great Pan is Dead’
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