Singer Amanda Warner, aka MNDR, has been a rising dance-pop star since her feature-stealing guest appearance on Mark Ronson’s “Bang Bang Bang” and club-friendly EP E.P.E. Today she leaked her latest single “Feed Me Diamonds” from her upcoming debut album of the same name. This Peter Wade produced track is a step away from the dance floor and takes on a darker tone by adding a heavy bass chord emphasized by Warner’s haunting voice. Drawing inspiration from the story of Marina Abramovic’s father’s death and the stories of assassinated monarchs, in which, it was believed that many were slowly killed by being fed small doses of diamonds which eventually caused severe internally bleeding within the G.I. tract. Not exactly great to be the king or wealthy, but the ironic title of the track reflects the darker and more industrial tone of the pop record. Feed Me Diamonds is slated to drop later this summer on August 14th via Ultra Music.

’MNDR – Feed Me Diamonds’
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