With glossy electro-pop anthems dropping left and right, Chicago-based singer/producer Grant Harris, AKA GOLDHOUSE, is quickly becoming one of those artists you might very well hear everywhere in just a matter of months. Purevolume and Sirius Radio’s “20 on 20” have shown the love and now we are chiming in: The Music Ninja is excited to premiere his newest song, “Nothing To Lose,” off his mixtape The Morning After. It’s an electrifying, feel-good tune whose chorus hits the sweet spot and screams “hit single”. DOWNLOAD it below and read our short interview with GOLDHOUSE himself!

’GOLDHOUSE – Nothing to Lose’

The Music Ninja: What’s the story behind “Nothing To Lose”?

GOLDHOUSE: “Nothing to Lose” is kind of about convincing a girl to give you a shot with her. Girls are much more complex than guys, they weigh all the options and think about things in such greater detail and depth that sometimes they need to hear they have nothing to lose by giving you a chance…at least I think?

TMN: Was there a specific point in your life when you decided that you were going to pursue a music career full-time? If so, can you describe that moment and the things that led you to that decision?

GOLDHOUSE: I didn’t really know until after high school. When I found I was writing music instead of studying in my dorm room I realized I might be in the wrong place. After receiving a great response online from all my music, I decided to have a go at it for real.

TMN: Why “electro-pop” as opposed to say, folk or indie rock? What about the genre appeals to you?

GOLDHOUSE: It’s just something I’ve always been drawn to. It’s hard to explain in all honesty. Something about pop music laced with electro undertones just makes you feel like having fun and dancing. I try my best to make feel good music and this is just how it comes out.

TMN: What artists/albums are you listening to these days and why?

GOLDHOUSE: Really into Penguin Prison, JMSN, Capital Cities, Young Empires and then a ton of older stuff like Don Henley, Prince, Phil Collins, ELP, and more. When people ask me what kind of music I like, I say I like GOOD music… so if it’s good music, chances are I’ll like it.

TMN: Favorite ninja-related movie?

GOLDHOUSE: 3 Ninjas obviously.

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