I Can't Help It

Summer is nearly upon us and we’re all looking to take off those layers, put on our bathing suits, and make a direct beeline for the beach. Now imagine you’re driving along the coast in a Jeep Wrangler against a warm breeze, music’s on blast, and you don’t have a care in the world. This picture is exactly what Boston-based duo, Aer, draws for you with their latest release, “I Can’t Help It.”

The song is an easy listen with its So-Cal vibe and feel-good lyrics, which revive those vivid memories of a summer romance. The plucking of a guitar creates a light-hearted chord progression that places the image of a sunset in your mind. Meanwhile, the vocals bring you back to your youth, reminding you of why Summer is your favorite time of the year. So while you’re digging around for that swimwear, get yourself amped for the next few months with a listen to “I Can’t Help It,” which you can snag on iTunes here.

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