So far, Kaiydo has delivered three tracks (one of which we recently covered) that span a wide range of hip-hop influence, and the fourth, “Lottery,” continues this precedent with a smooth blend of all of the previous work from his Colors & Sounds project. Even with a more restrained and mellow production, Kaiydo freely fires off bar after bar with an effortless ease that eclipses his burgeoning career with a sense of professional proficiency. Not only that, he has the tendency to lay down hooks that inherently get caught up in your head after the first listen, and that is certainly prevalent when it comes to “Lottery.”

This Florida rapper has a lot going on for him, and he’s only just beginning. However you approach the up-and-comers in hip-hop, you can’t deny their work ethic and ability to craft something noteworthy. If you’re wanting to compile some intriguing new artists in the realm of rap, Kaiydo should be at the top of your list.

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