I’m fairly certain that neither Danger Mouse nor Jack White need any introduction. Since 2005, Danger Mouse has been collaborating with the fantastic Jack White, Norah Jones, and Italian composer Daniele Luppi to bring you a spaghetti-western inspired and fueled album entitled Rome. The quartet has clearly spent some time polishing this to perfection, and it shows magnificently in “Two Against One.”

While Norah Jones’ lovely vocals don’t make an appearance on the track, Jack White needs no aid in this absolutely delightful tribute to spaghetti-westerns. The arrangement is mercurial and would sound right at home sandwiched between two Ennio Morricone compositions. It’s a perfectly—and masterfully—realized track, and if it’s indicative to the quality of the rest of Rome, then it’s safe to say we have ourselves a masterpiece.

Rome will be released on May 17.

Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi feat. Jack White – Two Against One

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