Newton abbot’s Alice Jemima has been making a name for herself lately with her new single “Far From Here”. The track is a testament to one big thing that is prevalent in the music industry today; the love of the music itself. Countless blogs are popping up, bands are more willing to give free downloads, and everyone wants to spread the word about good quality music. Hence Alice Jemima’s sudden popularity.

With “Far From Here”, Alice combines a sincere delivery with unique vocal lines, memorable hooks, and intimate guitar parts to offer the masses a look into her plans of escape- and an offer to take us with her. The success of the song shows that the world is once more able to embrace quality song writing (rather than caring too much about recording quality), as it was composed through Garage Band in true indie fashion. The vocal lines are repetitive and catchy, the melody will keep you tapping your toes, and the “oh” parts will be stuck in your head for days.

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