Arcade Fire, the indie-rockers from Montreal have released three albums—all worthy of the critical acclaim they have received. They’ve won Grammy’s, topped charts, reached a level of success rarely associated with indie acts these days, and they aren’t looking stop any time soon. Alongside the announcement of acclaimed filmmaker Spike Jonze making a film based around their latest album, The Suburbs, came the announcement of a Deluxe Edition of the Grammy award winning album, which will include two all new tracks produced by the band.

The first of which, “Speaking in Tongues” is a collaboration between the band and David Byrne of Talking Heads fame. Sounding like a mixture between album standouts “We Used to Wait” and “The Suburbs,” the track exhibits nearly every great sound found on The Suburbs, and does so without requiring the rest of the album to guide it. Likewise, “Culture War”—the second new song found on the deluxe edition—stands so well on its own, that is almost hard to imagine the track getting even better when paired with the masterpiece to which is in addition to.

The Suburbs (Deluxe Edition), which features these two masterful tracks will drop on August 22nd via Merge Records.

Arcade Fire – Speaking in Tongues

Arcade Fire – Culture War

[via Pretty Much Amazing]

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