Coastal Cities is an up and coming band from the UK. They formed in 2009 when 3 of the members met in detention at school (talk about life giving you lemons and making lemonade); they recruited the other 2 soon after getting out of detention. Recently, they have released a new single called “The Voyage,” and it’s pure indie gold. It feels like Vampire Weekend had a baby with Foster The People, and that baby was born with British swag. “The Voyage” feels coastal—this is a song I would listen poolside, lakeside, seaside, westside, etc. “Relief” is more energetic and upbeat, but still keeps a coastal summer vibe. Their music is fresh; I can almost smell the salty coastal air while listening to this song. Better yet, it’s free! Grab it while you can, it’s worth at least a few plays this summer.

“The Voyage” and “Relief” are slated to be released 7/30 by Once Upon A Time Records, but “The Voyage” is up to download now.

’Coastal Cities
The Voyage’
’Coastal Cities
Relief (Edit)’
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