Crash & The Bandicoots have a name that stands out, reminding me of my playstation 1 adventures during long grade school afternoons, almost as much as their sound. In the ever growing world of lo fidelity pop music, the group has managed to stand apart from the crowds by channelling different influences- where most artists are nodding in the direction of another decade, Crash is nodding to an entire musical movement- with a culmination of English antics and rhythm driven sounds.

“Don’t Have Any Legs” has been around for a little while now and its amazing that the blog world is just now getting ahold of it. I think we’ll keep better watch on this group from now on, so long as they keep putting out tracks of this caliber. Stream it Below:

Crash and The Bandicoots – Don’t Have Any Legs

’01 Dont Have Any Legs.mp3′
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