Ladies and gentleninjas, please welcome to the stage The Tinder Box. They bring with them acoustic timbre and pounding rhythms. The threesome hails from Sioux Falls and they’re a young act — in fact, they only just recently released their first studio work, These Winds EP last February — but it looks as though they are here to stay. With acoustic guitars, banjos, trumpets, and kick drums they present to you their take on bluegrass/folk — and it isn’t half bad. “These Winds,” is an excellent example of The Tinder Box’s anthem-like, bluegrass sound. Pulsing kick-drums align with your heart beat and long-winded vocals set the mood just right for epicness (if you’re in to that sort of thing.) For those of you looking for some rad new acoustic music, look no further.

’The Tinder Box
These Winds’

The Tinder Box is a band you should definitely check out. They show promise in an age where promise is running thin and although there are no set dates made public I foresee a new release in the near future.

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