So since it’s release on May 16th, I’ve been listening to the new Friendly Fires album ‘Pala‘ non stop and in a word (or 3!), I’m loving it! Hailing from St Albans (near London) – this is whole LP is exactly where I wanted friendly fires to go since their last self titled album. The LP see’s them build on the progressive experimental sounds we were introduced to but features tracks that expand into huge anthems with some classic builds and crescendo’s. In 2009 the band were shortlisted for the Mecury Prize award and since then, lead singer Ed Macfarlane’s vocals have never sounded so perfect in the mix of clattering guitars and off beat drums. I’d recommend reading over NME’s well constructed review here – and to get you in the mood, here are 2 of my favourite tracks… get your party on!

Friendly Fires – Hawaiian Air

’Friendly Fires – Hawaiian Air’

Friendly Fires – Blue Cassette

’Friendly Fires – Blue Cassette’

[Buy Pala on 7 Digital]

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