Quite possibly one the largest indie-rock/pop breakouts in recent memory, it would be rather hard not to recognize Girls. Over the course of two years, the San Francisco band has released two phenomenal discs of music, and managed to generate quite the following. And to follow up last year’s release of the Broken Dreams Club EP, the band is set to release their next full length LP, Father, Son, Holy Ghost.

“Vomit”—the first official cut off the new album to be released to the public—shows much of the maturity that were to be had on Broken Dreams Club, with the same sort of delicacy as “Hellhole Ratrace” from their debut album. But what separates “Vomit” from their previous works, is the absolutely brilliant arrangements of everything from gospel-wails to heavy crescendos of pure emotion. It’s a very heavy song, and yet—much like “Hellhole Ratrace”—it maintains its beauty without resorting to any cliché tricks.

Father, Son, Holy Ghost is set to be released on September 13th by True Panther Records.

Girls – Vomit

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