Newfoundland (that’s in Canada for you geographically challenged) based indie-rockers Hey Rosetta! made some pretty big splashes in the Canadian rock scene with their 2008 album Into Your Lungs. Aside from being shortlisted for 2009’s Polaris Music Prize and winning, and having a quite skilled string section—not dissimilar from fellow Canadian rockers Arcade Fire—the band has been working on their new album Seeds, which is due for release on the 15th, and they have kindly given the internet their debut single “Yer Spring” to disseminate and enjoy.

“Yer Spring” starts off delicately enough—even with an opening vocal that immediately had me checking to see if Scott Hutchinson of Frightened Rabbit was singing on the track—and builds up to a nice rock crescendo that showcases their string section. It weighs in a little hefty at a full five minutes in length, but it’s an enjoyable indie-rock song that doesn’t tread on anything to heavy.

Hey Rosetta! – Yer Spring

’Yer Spring’
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