Danish act Sleep Party People is an utterly beguiling prospect. A solo venture by Brian Batz, both he and those surrounding the project work in mysterious and elusive ways. Batz constantly sports an eerily cute bunny mask, such is his desire for anonymity. But it’s not the mechanics of Sleep Party People that make it so interesting. It’s the songs. It’s near-impossible to describe them individually, because they fit so well together. These songs, ‘I’m Not Human At All’ in particular, are murkily beautiful and haunting, combining the witch-house sensibilities of Salem with the soft delicacy of oOoOO whilst adding something entirely original to them. In short: Sleep Party People is the best new artist of 2011. Watch this space.┬áSleep Party People’s record ‘I’m The Little Bunnyman’ is available September 2.

Sleep Party People – A Sweet Song About Love


Sleep Party People – The Dwarf And The Horse


Sleep Party People – Im Not Human At All

’Sleep Party People – Im Not Human At All.mp3′
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