Opsimplistic (b-side)

Concocted during the bands debut album recording sessions, Brighton based Kins are delivering a pensive new track Opsimplistic: a flip side to the previously released Aimless.

Brimming with delicate atmospherics, Opsimplistic (b-side) depicts tales of late night bedroom loneliness, mirrored in its echoic soundscapes and reverberating the vastness of the coastal scenery in which it was crafted. Produced in a Brighton (UK) basement, the isolation of its self created context is evident in its harrowing and eloquently melodic sound.

Thematically, the expected exploration of optimism and simplicity are visible, alongside interwoven ideas of loss and dislocation. Encompassed in a yearning vocal and a slow burning instrumental backdrop, Kins manage to marry their motifs in a hybrid of concept, lyricism and sound.

Not for the inattentive, Kins contemplative and considered approach demands some room for resonance.

Opsimplistic is free to download on Soundcloud. It’s counterpart Aimless is taken from Kins self-titled debut album, available to stream on Soundcloud, or available to buy from iTunes.

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