Where beauty meets the beats, this sparkling new track from Malpas is the love child of a lustful honeyed vocal set upon a heavily textured backdrop of mechanical beats, synth-laden pop and a myriad of dreamy nu-gaze soundscapes. There’s no collision in this seemingly effortless collaboration, cultivated by songwriter Ali Forbes and producer Andy Savours (My Bloody Valentine fans insert nod here).

“Charlemagne” fuses acoustic electronica and mechanical drum beats with a contemplative and melodic vocal. Their roles interchange throughout: the voice being both the spine and heart of this track, carrying waves of regretful nostalgia, whilst remaining sincere in its sentiments. Meanwhile the versatile backdrop acts as an industrial support and a sound-shifting chameleon whose composition alters. The product is a beautifully reliant and seamlessly blended structure, in which one can’t exist as strongly without the other component.

Charlemagne has a wide frame of reference in regard to its influences, and its output is demonstrative of clearly competent and fresh composers. It’d be reductive to continue outlining the attributes that produced this triumph, but let’s just say the outcome is impeccable.

Charlemagne is first in line for release from the EP Promise. 23rd September- Killing Moon.

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