New York’s Jess Corazza and Pat Morrissey have combined their wits into an up and coming indie-pop project called Manicanparty. Recently the two have released an electric, eccentric, track titled “Rebels In The Light” that has been getting a lot of exposure (soaring to 44,000 plays in only four days) for very good reason. The track itself feels like a world of its own; the drums are active and atypical, transitioning into jungle grooves that prompt an exploration of sound during the bridge parts, with the other tracks building up this world of sound. With these other layers building up the foundation, the vocals really soar… and you’ll be humming the melody for the rest of the day. Stream below to see what all the hype is about:

Manicanparty – Rebels in the Light

’Manicanparty – Rebels in the Light’

Download “Rebels In The Light” for free HERE.

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