Two saxophones and one drummer take it upon themselves to render archaic the whole idea of needing synthesizers to round out a song. Soulfully entering the song amidst the beautiful voice laid overtop, Wenzl McGowen and Mike Wilbur wait patiently to bring your ears a brass-filled drop. Yes a drop, and that is brass-filled not bass-filled. Fiddling with your emotions until the very cusp of the drop, you will be introduced to how saxophones get down. How these two get down, you ask? Well, they have a special flavor consisting of two ingredients: a couple pints of brass and a few shots of glitch. Step 1: Mix those together. Step 2: Pick jaw up off floor. What happens in this song redefines what can be done on instruments that most people associate with Kenny G. Literally breathing new life into what was thought to be lost, this band defines the word unique. Check out the Moon Hooch‘s bandcamp page for a free download of this track.

’Moon Hooch – Contra.mp3′
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