Rarely has a track caught my sense of musical direction so off guard. When clicking on the album Alahambra, where this single resides, truly had no idea of what was about to bless my ears. Given the mass amount of music bandcamp sits in front of you to sort through the whole site can become somewhat of a maze at times. Through all the wrong turns and dead ends, stumbling across Mother Falcon, a group from Austin, TX, made it all well worth it.

Letting the beautiful vocals caress the early rising of the track gives the listener no real insight as to what is awaiting them. The soul of this song just gets louder and louder as the progression steadily builds up till the true colors of “Alligator Teeth” show. Listening to a group of new wave musicians attack a traditional instrumental setup will send a refreshing chill down the spine. That driving force of a percusion in this song is given the most perfect old school DnB pattern that lets a collective such as this band reach out and affect your everyday 2012 music listener. This track is offered as a free download off Mother Falcon’s bandcamp page here. Check out the rest of the album while you’re at it.

’Mother Falcon – Alligator Teeth’
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