MS MR have made their musical splash in an interesting way — totally mysteriously and totally through Tumblr. Anyone who’s scrolled through the anonymous duo’s blog can attest to the creepiness and uncertainty that surrounds both their identity and their music. The group (supposedly composed of two parts: a miss and a mister) have released one song a week to culminate in the unveiling of their first EP, Candy Bar Creep Show. “Bones” is the follow-up to “Hurricane” and tackles the same alarming, inquisitive themes. This “Ms.”‘s voice is impressively crisp yet haunting, controlled yet unruly. While this unclaimed voice has been compared to everyone from Florence Welch to Adele, it is proving truly unique, making us eager for the entire EP to somehow rise from the unmarked grave in which it seems to be hiding.

Check out MS MR on Tumblr (where you can also hear a Charli XCX remix of “Bones”!) and get ready for Candy Bar Creep Show to drop via that social medium on September 17th.

’Ms Mr – Bones’
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