Oliver Wilde

Bristol, England’s Oliver Wilde stoked our fire early this morning by announcing the release of a new LP entitled A Brief Introduction to Un-Natural Light Years in July via Howling Owl Records, along with the first juicy single from said album: “Flutter”. It is a dreamy, and atmospheric tune using elements of acoustic folk and a healthy dose of hazy reverb. Oliver Wilde’s sound fits along nicely with spaced-out shoegaze staples like Real Estate, and should be filed next to Kurt Vile’s latest record in your music library. It is a dreary, gray and rainy day in Denver and nothing has fit that aesthetic better musically than this. “Flutter” recalls my angsty high-school years devouring entire catalogues of music from the likes of Elliott Smith, early Modest Mouse and The Comas, whilst deciphering if The Strokes were really going to bring back Rock-n-Roll – which was an extremely exciting time to be a staunch teenage music critic. Aaaahhh, to reminisce. Listen to Oliver Wilde’s drubby single above, and let it transport your psyche wherever it needs to go this afternoon.

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