Boy, I can’t seem to get away from the United Kingdom right now–musically, at least! This new EP from Wild Combination found its way into my in-box, and I continue to be impressed with the collective efforts of musicians in the UK. “Pulses” offers the listener some well done indie pop that won’t leave the music snob (yours truly) wanting for more complexity. With intricate guitar picking, solid top shelf drumming and smoothly delivered, thoughtful lyrics, “Pulses” is an EP you can pop in your ear buds while you’re walking around the city, even if you’re not on the East side of the Atlantic.

“Whole Lotta Truth,” emerges with high energy–a perfect pop tune. The guitar work in the piece is exceptional, but not so much as to be overwhelming: the song retains it’s catchy nature and is something you can sing along to. The down tempo “Kaleidoscope,” is also notable with it’s dreamy electro synth touches. The base and guitar interplay nicely, forming a little tapestry that the listener can enjoy. “Waves,” was another one to catch my attention with it’s sliding bass lines and trickling guitar notes that compliment the title of the song well.

This is a solid little EP for fans of the indie pop and very much worth the purchase. Enjoy the tracks mentioned here and find their entire EP on Soundcloud.

’Wild Combination – Whole Lotta Truth’
’Wild Combination – Waves’
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