New four-piece indie rock band Allah-Las first released their EP Tell Me (What’s On Your Mind) back in April, but have a brand new full-length album coming out tomorrow. The group hail from California and make this pretty evident through their music. With heavily reverbed guitars, harmonized background vocals and perfectly catchy tunes, they know what style they’re going for and exactly how to achieve it.

The songs on Allah-Las’ debut self-titled album have a surf rock feel to them, but also bring to mind ’60s bands like The Kinks and the Rolling Stones, with some added Spanish flair. It may not be the most polished album, but that just adds to the charm, making it sound like a true garage-y piece of work. The album’s single, “Tell Me (What’s On Your Mind” is easily the most infectious of the bunch. By the end of the song, you’ll be singing along with the chorus, swaying around to the beat. “Busman’s Holiday” could’ve been off a Kinks record, and some of the instrumental tracks, like “Sacred Sands” and “Ela Navega,” are simply fun to listen to.

Las – Tell Me (Whats On Your Mind)’

Las – Busman’s Holiday’

Overall, the album flows smoothly from track to track. Though some might sound similar to one another, each is catchy in its own way and a few even demand many, many replays, making the entire thing worth listening to.

Allah-Las’ self-titled debut album comes out tomorrow via Innovative Leisure Records.

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