It’s 6pm on a Friday night. I should be en route to a happy hour somewhere in Brooklyn, my thirst for alcohol and inebriation leading the way, but before I relinquish all logical thought and sense of balance for the next couple of hours, I wanted to share this new song from Earlimart called “10 Years”. I’m giving up at least one Red Stripe to write this — that’s how much I enjoy it. Now, it’s not anything groundbreaking by any means, but it’s got everything you could ask for in a perfect, charming and lush indie rock song. Plus, seeing as how the Los Angeles duo has been dormant since 2008, I’ll take just about anything from them. So, give it a whirl… if you don’t like it, the next drink’s on me.

Earlimart’s seventh studio album, System Preferences, is digitally available now and will be physically purchasable on October 16th via the band’s label The Ship.

’Earlimart – 10 Years’
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