I can’t get enough of this. UK rockers Foals finally unveil a piece of their third album, Holy Fire — a move long-awaited by fans worldwide. The heavy reverb and chunky guitar layers are fit to fill arenas and create a U2-like sound at the chorus. Foals continue to straddle the punk-rock line, but “Inhaler” shows a continued shift away from the breathless, fragmented punkiness of Antidotes (2008) and into a thicker, more cohesive rock sound displayed in 2010’s Total Life Forever.

The accompanying video is as explosive and unruly as the song it carries. It’s a showcase — maybe even a celebration — of the diversity of artistic expression, from graffiti to break dancing. Frontman Yannis Philippakis and the rest of Foals exude the energy and intensity commonplace in their live shows, as sparking trick bikes and hypnotic dance sequences mix together in the black-and-white half-pipe.

’Foals – Inhaler’

Holy Fire is out in the UK on Feb 11th. No US release date yet. So in the meantime, flip your cassette tape from “inhale” to “exhale” and press play.

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