Not too long ago, The Music Ninja premiered the official music video for Turtle Giant‘s “We Were Kids,” a jangly and rousing indie rock tune. Now we’re here to bring you yet another new single off the band’s forthcoming All Hidden Places EP called “Germany I & II”. At a little over seven minutes long, from start to finish, the song is an epic and fierce musical journey. Part one winds itself up with sweeping, airy verses, only to completely unravel during its explosive choruses, full of razor sharp guitar work and the kind of raw intensity that takes hold of you and doesn’t let go. It then segues into “Germany II,” where Turtle Giant take on a darker, more lo-fi rock approach. But don’t think you can get settled here — because much like the first half, part two is packed with relentless heat, ending on quite the adrenaline-charged note.

Download “Germany I & II” below and make sure to watch out for their EP, All Hidden Places, which comes out September 18th.

’Germany I and II’
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