Brooklyn group Yellow Ostrich have an intimate appeal to their brand of indie rock. It’s captivating without being loud and noisy, and smart without the snark and complexities. The percussion’s always a focal point and, like a beating heart, it keeps their songs pulsing, moving forward. Though this new song “Ghost” has frontman Alex Schaaf singing with a hint of sadness, his vocals always seem to come off more inviting than depressing or distant — you actually feel closer to him. If you’ve ever seen them live (and you should!), you’ll notice that this welcoming tone is very much a part of the band’s nature; not only do they open themselves up on stage, but they are excellent at engaging with the audience. In fact, their fanbase here in New York is one of the liveliest and loyal that I’ve seen. So be sure to check ’em out!

’Yellow Ostrich – Ghost’

“Ghost” is off an EP of the same name, out October 23rd via Barsuk Records.

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