Wildcat! Wildcat! is a three headed giant, in the musical sense, from Las Angeles. The band is part of “Black Eye Music”, which revolves around member Michael Wilson and his collaborations, which makes the bands future as mysterious as its past.  The band has been finding e-success through its blend of electronic overtones, indie rock sensibilities, catchy melodies, and trendy cat themes.

Their new tune “Mr. Quiche” has a solid percussive base that is filled out by keys, synth textures, and infectious vocal lines. The trio’s combined efforts work together to create an atmosphere and mood that make indie fans feel right at home while still exposing them to something fresh and new. Overall the song is really well done and leaves me excited for the band to finish recording their debut record.

Download Wildcat! Wildcat! – Mr.Quiche


Source: Blah Blah Blah Science

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