While definitely not a Friday night psych-up song, the catchy chorus “Pigeons” from Brooklyn-based duo The Hundred In The Hands will definitely glue itself into the inside of your brain. Pigeons is full of 80s synths, slow background strings, and a steady backbeat that invokes images of electropop quartet Ladytron.

The pop shininess of this Richard X-produced track tricks the listener into believing THITH have delivered something upbeat and playful, but instead Eleanore Everdell’s haunting multitrack vocals remind you that “Saturday comes, Sunday comes, we go.” It’s like she delivering you the bad news, but with a beautiful voice and a smile on her face.

Recently signed by WARP Records, and just releasing their self-titled debut in September, The Hundred In The Hands has broken away from the crowd of New York-based bands by grinding up ska, dub, pop, electronic, and a tiny bit of goth-mopery.

The Hundred In The Hands – Pigeons


With just enough bass and fun to make the track danceable, the chorus from “Pigeons” will stay stuck with you through the weekend.

Bonus: The Hundred in the Hands – Dressed in Dresden

’The Hundred in the Hands – Dressed in Dresden’
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