I have to say, I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to interview a lot of amazing, talented artists. But certainly, never had I laughed so much as I did than when I had the privilege to interview one of the EDM world’s most future-thinking and fearlessly unconventional artists, Drop the Lime. There’s a lot to say about those rare artists who not only exhibit such an exceptionally compelling presence in their public life and present so much passion on stage, BUT WHO ARE ALSO so genuinely personable and sincerely modest face-to-face.

A very proud homegrown New Yorker, Drop the Lime, born Luca Venezia, rolls down the road of life in a 1950s Cadillac El Dorado and to the beat of his own heavy-rearing drum line – always with a smirk on his face and his gold-plated tooth gleaming. He is a self-proclaimed “dapper night creature”: a man of ever-evolving, globally-transitive sound combined with era-transcending audio concepts, that are intentionally light-years and many happy days ahead of most public comprehension. In other words, Drop the Lime’s productions are aurally intriguing as they are bizarrely infectious: Creole-booty bass, honky tonk techno, and déjà vu Doo Wop house all brought to the table with unparalleled sonic swank. And that’s only just the first track.

Drop the Lime founded AND actively runs taste-shaping label Trouble & Bass: the label arguably responsible for initially igniting the fire that caused New York City’s hip-centric dance explosion. Trouble & Bass is not only an industry-approved namesake across the EDM realm, it’s the fulcrum of next level big bass and genre-reimagining eclecticism. The label, commanded by Drop the Lime and its key members such as AC Slater, Mikix the Cat, Little Jinder among many others run an ever-evolving audio institution that has help put the US-born electronic music on the global map.

Thus unsurprisingly, his label’s industry-wide influence and of course his irrefutably distinctive original productions have far from gone unnoticed. Drop the Lime signed a worldwide partnership deal with globally-renowned electronic music imprint ULTRA MUSIC for the Fall 2011 release of his forthcoming debut album ENTER THE NIGHT, thus joining the ranks of fellow label mates & world-wide EDM giants DEADMAU5, WOLFGANG GARTNER, BENNY BENASSI, and THE BLOODY BEETBOOTS, among countless others.

And despite all the bragging rights this guy has and very much deserves to exert, the Luca is still one helluva nice guy that’s unquestionably excited and passionate about everything he does; it would be remiss of me to not mention also – the guy has just got unbelievably impeccable style.

Drop The Lime – Hot As Hell (Canblaster Remix).mp3

’Hot As Hell (Canblaster Remix).mp3′

TheMusicNinja.com got a chance to chat with DROP THE LIME at the happiest most colorfully bizarre place on Earth, at Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas no doubt. Despite the fact our microphone couldn’t ever be even half as cool as his chic as chrome-plated Big Elvis-style microphone he uses in his live sets, DTL still graciously took the time to talk to us about his forthcoming album, the latest happening over at Trouble & Bass, and even to point out some of EDC’s intrinsically bizarre curiosities.

The Music Ninja: Since you haven’t played your set yet, is there anyone here at EDC you are particularly excited to see?

Drop The Lime: Well, It is crazy because the line-up itself consists of so many friends, so it is good to see everybody all in the same place… Out in the desert in this crazy heat! But I really want to check out Skream & Benga, I just saw [Bloody] Beetroots (who were great!).

TMN: Very cool! So tell me, what do you have planned for your performance tonight, anything new?

Drop The Lime: A lot of new stuff! A lot of new stuff of my own and a lot new stuff from Trouble & Bass. But it’s the 3:30 slot; it’s a festival, and people are going to get a little crazy, so I am going to play pretty hard tonight!

TMN: I know you have a couple of new things coming out for us in the near future, can you tell us a little bit about them?

Drop the Lime: Yes, I have a single to my album “Hot As Hell” which just dropped, that has a little bit of rockabilly influence with kind of a house music sound. And the new album “Enter the Night” is dropping this Fall!

TMN: And the new album is going to fall on a more rockability sound?

Drop The Lime: Yes! It’s got kind of a “western outlaw vibe mixed with ‘escaped from New York,’ after Midnight.”

TMN: I like it! Other than “Hot as Hell“, is there a new track on the album that you are particularly excited about?

Drop The Lime: I am excited about ALL THE TRACKS! (laughs)

TMN: HA! Ok  but I mean is there one particular track that you know in your mind is going to make people just go absolutely  bonkers?!

Drop The Lime: Ah Yes! I did a cover of Ghost Riders‘ “On the Storm”, so yea it is kind of a twist on that. I played the riff [on my guitar]-  I do it “Duane Eddy style.” And it’s dropping in the Fall!

TMN: How do you feel about EDC being in Vegas this year?

Drop The Lime: This is insane, Vegas alone is nuts, this place where crazy things happen you know? The reputation is true… (stares out window, eyes widen) As I’m starring out at this blob guy walking around!? is that a reflection a blob guy!? Or wait here he comes. Oh it’s just a giant sparkly cucumber.

TMN: Jesus that’s either a mirage or I think we’re both hallucinating from the heat!

Drop the Lime: HA! This whole sight is amazing, this racetrack is crazy. It’s crazy!

TMN: I think there is a lot going on here and a lot of great energy and having you being a part of it I definitely think adds especially a lot to the Neon Garden stage, where you are playing, which has got the most eclectic stage by far… So, obviously you will have a lot of great originals that you plan to drop tonight but is there any one track that you’re excited to drop from a different artist?

Drop the Lime: Yes. I really like the new Dr Gonzo tune, Springer. I am a big fan of that tune, because it’s kinda goofy. I did a little edit of my own and played the riff with my guitar, kind of twanged it up even more. I am excited to play that, and some new Zombies for Money (these guys from Portugal).

TMN: Are there any breakout artists this year that you are particularly excited about?

Drop The Lime: I really love this kid Samo Soundboy, who is actually from L.A., California. Canblaster, he’s been getting a lot more hype lately… and Pantero 666… Really that whole crew coming out of Paris, really strong. I love that sound.

TMN: Let’s move to your label Trouble & Bass, is there is anything new that coming out that you’re really excited about?

Drop the Lime: Yes! We have a brand new AC Slater single, we’ve got a new Star Eyes single, and a new Little Jinder single. We’ve lot more melodic material. I am just trying to push the label as a more diverse label, rather than being pigeon-holed as hardcore heavy dance.

TMN: It’s good to have a bit of diversity going on, although there is nothing wrong with the hardcore dance!

Drop the Lime: No not at all! We’ll have both!

TMN: You’ve been traveling about and you’ve been apart of some pretty exciting events this year. Is there any one experience that really stands out in your mind?

Drop The Lime: Phew! I played Toronto recently, and it was just nuts! It is always fun when you see people singing along to the song, and getting crazy. I have been doing a live band as well, and we did L.A., New York, D.C. and Montreal. That whole run for the first time was just amazing. We will be doing that [live band] in the Fall, on a new whole tour.

TMN: So how was it making your first music video for “Hot as Hell”? Did it feel kinda cheesy like MTV “Making the Video”?

Drop The Lime: HA! It’s funny, you have to pull influences from pop videos but then get them a little dirty, make them more underground. It was weird too because we had these guys, LoveHate from London directing it, telling us what to do and they were like, “We are gonna start the video out and you will be naked and -” and I was like, “Uhh, no. No I am not! I am NOT starting out the video naked!!” (Laughs) So we met half way and did topless instead. Which is fine. I’m not starting a video naked.

TMN: Amen! They should buy you a drink first at least right!?

Drop The Lime: Ha!

As always here at The Music Ninja, we will have you dialed in as soon as a date for the release of DROP THE LIME’S debut full-length album ENTER THE NIGHT is announced. ‘Til then, enjoy Drop the Lime’s topless debut in his video for his first single of the album “Hot as Hell” below!

And if you are in Hollywood don’t for get to see him tonight @ Avalon.

By: Taylor Doms (Founder/ TheMixster.com & self-identified Trouble & Bass fanatic)

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