So Jack Beats are at it again. Soon to be embarking on the US tour, they’ve released this video showcasing their new upcoming single (released on 24th April) along with a pretty immense remix by none other than Skream!

Made up of Beni G (Mixologists) and Plus One (Scratch Perverts), Jack Beats are one of my favourite electro acts out there right now – with this latest track, whilst not a club banger like ‘Drop the Presure’, it is definitely one to get you moving.

// Now onto the Remix, well it’s Skream – and because you see that name you know you’ve gotta hit the play button and I’d highly recommend that you do. It’s 10 variations of awesomeness all wrapped into a single track 😉

Jack Beats – All Night ft. John B (Skream Remix) Stream only

’Jack Beats – All Night ft. John B (Skreamix).mp3′

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