You might not have heard of Bright Moments yet, but I can almost guarantee that you have heard them before. The sole member of the band, a musical genius known as Kelly Pratt, has been making a name for himself among the giants of the indie scene for years. From playing trumpet in Beirut to playing flute/various horns on Arcade Fire’s Neon Bible, Pratt has surrounded himself with the right people for the job- both in terms of promotion and creativity.

The band’s new single “Tourists” is an electric adventure full of spectacular horn work and catchy melodies that follows up on some ideas that Pratt’s previous band, Team B, set in motion. Check it out below.

Bright Moments – Tourists


Bright Moments’ debut album, Natives, was recorded in Pratt’s own home studio during the winter of 2010 and is to be released on Luaka Bop 2/21/12.

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