Datarock has never been one of those bands that do something subtly. 2009’s Red saw the duo wearing bright red hoodies and delivering one of the finer examples of electro-dance in the past few years. In between touring, the electro-dance duo have been busy recording new tracks for the band’s third album, Music for Synchronization, and a brand new EP, Catcher in the Rye. And in their infinite kindness and electro-beats, the duo has released the titular track of their new EP for free.

When you’re listening to “Catcher in the Rye” it’s hard not to notice the track’s chorus hearkening back to 80s rock scene. While the overall tone is quite different from Datarock’s extraordinarily catchy and romantic “Amarillion,” much like it, it is just as suited to normal listening as it is to dance floor, or even the 1980s. It is an amazing addition to their already quite extraordinary collection of songs, and has quickly become one of my favorite tracks by the duo.

Datarock – Catcher in the Rye


[Via Spin]

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