Synchronice & Kasum
Glorious (feat. Ruby Prophet)

If anyone knows me, then they know that i’m a sucker for GOOD Progressive House. There’s nothing more enjoyable than uplifting melodies, gut-wrenching lyrics that somehow manage to relate to your life, and a fun breakdown that will make you want to get up a dance your worries away. Most of us can agree that this particular genre is somewhat a guilty pleasure for the PLUR child that resides in each and every one of us. Just the other day, we stumbled upon an original Progressive House track by Synchronice and Kasum that undoubtedly made us feel all types of ways. Their latest work, “Glorious” is filled with cry-worthy builds, heightening drops, and Ruby Prophet’s stunning vocals that collectively lift the spirits of those around. “Glorious” is available for free download so grab yours while you can.

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